Recovering Bookmarks in Firefox

September 27, 2019

1) Click the library button on the menu bar and then click Bookmarks. Scroll down and click on show all Bookmarks.

2) Click on the Restore and Backup button and click Restore. 

3) Select the backup from which you want to restore:

  • The dated entries are automatic backups (maybe present or not).
  •  Or click Choose File to restore from a manual backup. 




Setting Up Conference Using Logitech Group Cam and Zoom

June 26, 2019
  1. Before the conference:
    - Please follow the step in this article Integrating Logitech Group Cam Zoom to set up the Logitech Group Cam and connect it to Zoom.
    - Get all the Powerpoints from speakers to minimize interruption time.
    - Place 1 optional expansion microphone closer to the end of the room, the other closer to the speaker so people joining the Zoom session can hear both.

Printer Services

March 08, 2019
Information about printing services at JMIE.

Installing Printers

March 06, 2019
How to download and install printer drivers, add your printer and print files.

Local Admin Privileges

January 22, 2019

Individuals with administrative privileges to their computers must follow these guidelines. Failure to follow the guidelines may result in your administrative account being disabled.

JMIE New User Form

January 16, 2019

All new users to JMIE (CHE, NRS, TERC) should fill out our new user form.  Please be sure to log off of any personal Google accounts to access the form.