Printer Services


JMIE -Barn Printer list

Printers Location Path 
Canon-iR-ADV-C5235 Barn Room 121 \\\Canon-iR-ADV-C5235-5240

CHE Printers List

Printers Location Path
HP Color LaserJet M651 CHE Room 105 \\\HP Color LaserJet M651
HP Color LaserJet M553 CHE Room 129 \\\LJM553-CHE129 (HP Color LaserJet M553)

To check if the printer is connected to your PC, go to the start menu, and search for Printers & Scanners. 

In the Printers & Scanners section, check if the required printer you want already exists. If it does, the printer is already connected to your PC.

printers and scanners


If the desired printer does not exist in the Start Menu, search for File Explorer.

File exporer


In the File Explorer tool bar, copy and paste the appropriate link (given in the table above) in the section indicated by the arrow in the picture above. 

All the printers available on the server will appear.  Double click on the printer you want to connect to. It will connect to the PC and the printer drivers will start to download automatically.

Open the file you want to print and click on CTRL+P to print the file.