Setting Up Conference Using Logitech Group Cam and Zoom

  1. Before the conference:
    - Please follow the step in this article Integrating Logitech Group Cam Zoom to set up the Logitech Group Cam and connect it to Zoom.
    - Get all the Powerpoints from speakers to minimize interruption time.
    - Place 1 optional expansion microphone closer to the end of the room, the other closer to the speaker so people joining the Zoom session can hear both.
    - The camera should be place to the left corner of the room, on a tri-pot. 

  2. During the conference:
  • When the conference start: mute all participants to avoid external noise when the speaker starts speaking, but give them the option to unmute themselves in case they want to speak up.

At the bottom of zoom screen, choose Manage Participants

Look at the bottom of the right handside of zoom, then choose Mute All

Tick the Allow participants to unmute themselves checkbox, then click Yes

  • Set the microphone and speaker of Zoom session to Logitech Group equipment

For both Speaker and Microphone, choose Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (Logi Group Speakerphone).

  • Setting Sharing option:

Click the carrot next to Share, choose Advanced Sharing Options and set the settings as above

  • Share the powerpoint with people on Zoom

At the bottom of Zoom click on Share, then choose the file that we want to share.